Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Wax And Quick Detailer Pro

My second entry into the Review Warriors Champions has to be this dynamic duo. After my ‘test that nobody asked for test’ although I enjoyed all of the products when adding up scores these topped the charts in both parts.

The Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Wax made in collaboration with ODK I have used a couple of time now and it’s an absolute joy to apply. Gives a beautiful glossy glow and impressive beading. The first time I used it was on this SQ5 and you can read that full review via this link-

It then went on to be the star of part one of the previously mentioned ’test that nobody asked for test’ overcoming its price tag to win the day. See how it managed that by checking out this post-

Then into part two of that test I added matching detailing sprays over the top of the waxes and sealants. Pyramid Car Care QD Pro won comfortably being a great all round detailing spray that is easy to apply, offers cleaning abilities, protection and great water behaviour all at a reasonable price. To see that full test follow this link-

So there you have it two more top products into the RW Champions!

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