Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I've actually run out of this now after using on a few wheels and a couple full decontaminations and have found it very capable so here's my round up.

The most dramatic use was on this old van wheel that I only tried because it has probably never been cleaned so thought id put it through its paces. after just spraying on and giving a quick agitation with a brush then leaving to dwell for as long as possible before blasting off you can see it cleared so much baked on old brake dust, unfortunately this also uncovered that the wheel was corroded pretty bad too which the dirt was hiding before.

Smells as you would expect a fallout remover too, but not the strongest or worst I have had like Bilt Hamber although its a great product too and one of the most powerful the smell of that hangs around in your nose for the rest of the day.

Another quality product from Pyramid at a great price, others I have tried in the cheaper price range have been more watery where as this is a gel, like most of the premium products double its price tend to be. These gel ones hang around it allowing it to dwell and react longer on wheels or bodywork for best results.

List price £7.99 but you can get this for less with free postage using 'GillyWash' discount code so go and check them out at-

“GillyWash” provides 15% off at Individual use only: not valid in conjunction with any other code, coupon, voucher, discount or gift. Excludes sale items. Not valid for trade accounts. The coupon code may be used once per customer. Pyramid Car Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this coupon code at any point.

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