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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When this landed on my door step I couldn’t help getting it straight out to try on some watermarks and dust picked up just 2 days after a good wash.

Initial reaction WOW! As you can see in the photos the water marks looked pretty baked on and the bottom of the panel was actually filthy from a puddle and beyond what a waterless wash should be used for but a couple squirts and one swoop of the towel and it was back to a mirror shine, the marks came off so easy as it was slick and lubricated, with one pass and no pressure on the towel totally spotless, I flipped to a clean side to buff but there was hardly any need it flashed off to a perfect finish on its own.

The trigger was a bit of a gusher with a very strong squirt although probably my fault being eager so went in heavy handed and got some overspray on the glass, but no worries at all another quick swoop with a clean side of the towel and that was also perfectly streak free.

As many QD’s at them moment are blurring the lines with a spray sealant this is definitely a true QD even though it boasts a level of protection that could last up to 6 weeks it maintains the cleaning power to be used as a light cleaner and is quick, being easy to buff off and streak free, A great one to keep in the glove box for any touch ups on the go.

This product was obtained via a promotion run by Pyramid in conjunction with Detailing World where the product was effectively free you just had to pay the couple of pounds postage. Its list price is currently £11.99 with free delivery available but keep an eye out for the discount codes. As I have a few Pyramid products to post about at the moment the guys have set up code GillyWash and that will get you a discount bringing this down to a very tempting price!

The nearest comparable products in this price range I have tried would be Stjarnagloss Silke at £9 but delivery costs will be added to that and Meguiars Mirror Bright detailing spray is around £10 on amazon but slightly less than 500ml. These are both also quality products that give a great finish but offer nothing extra over Pyramid QDP.

Check them out at-

“GillyWash” provides 15% off at Individual use only: not valid in conjunction with any other code, coupon, voucher, discount or gift. Excludes sale items. Not valid for trade accounts. The coupon code may be used once per customer. Pyramid Car Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this coupon code at any point.

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