Pyramid Car Care Tar and Glue Remover

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Removes tar and glue. I could just end this post there but here goes...

I have found all tar and glue removers from various brands smell the same, look the same and perform pretty much the same. I'm no chemist but would guess the base chemical all of these use is something close to petrol but I wouldn't just go squirting v-power all over my paint! On this SQ5 there was a few stubborn spots on wheels and paint which after spraying and leaving to soak for a minute rubbed off with ease as I'd expected.

Top tip use this around the house too! we've been doing our bit for the environment by reducing waste and re-using method cleaning bottles refilling with concentrated cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom so if you are looking to re-cycle any old spray bottles or glass jars it removes the old labels glue residue with easy just spray on a wipe off with an old cloth!

At £6.99 for 500ml with free delivery, if you know a cheaper one that works without buying in bulk please let me know. For an even better price than that just use code 'GillyWash' from pyramid direct at.....

“GillyWash” provides 15% off at Individual use only: not valid in conjunction with any other code, coupon, voucher, discount or gift. Excludes sale items. Not valid for trade accounts. The coupon code may be used once per customer. Pyramid Car Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this coupon code at any point.

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