PYRAMID Car Care - Quick Detailer Pro

First impressions … black bottle with the high quality label is spot on!, a real quality look and feel to the product, love it!.

Spray quality….. what can you say?, switch to spray setting and it produces a lovely fine mist of product without any dripping down the side of the neck, so spot on with that too!.

Scent & colour…… scent is amazing!!, real quality fragrance and although scent or colour isn’t important to the product use, I think it’s important to point out that it’s not dye heavy and has zero risk of staining.

Ease of use….. couple of sprays and it spread very easily without sticking, no over roll with the cloth, just allowed it to glide nicely and with one turn of the cloth, buffed off to a brilliant shine. Totally effortless.

Gloss levels are deep and wet looking, looking like a just waxed car, so an ideal top up product after washing to boost the wax protection.

Beading is fantastic too with tall, even beads and provides a fantastic level of sheeting too for a quick detailer.

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