Salomon Alphacross GTX

So something I think everyone seems to ask on social media and forums is clothing.

As much as we love detailing and the process of cleaning a vehicle, the allure of making a car immaculate is soon reduced when winter arrives and suddenly the car can wait another day or 2.

Its never fun to be running round a vehicle getting wet in the depths of winter and never more so than footwear. It's not as much of an issue in summer when you're more concerned about products drying or water spotting compared to your feet drying off in half an hour.

Come winter and a good set of footwear (and also gloves) is a god send.

So new to me is Salomon, a brand I've heard of but never purchased from before. Many people opt for the Adidas Terrex Goretex Series but after a quick discussion with someone I know in the retail sector they recommended these and would even offer to buy these off me if I didn't like them.

Managed to bag these Alphacross GTX in the sale section direct from Salomon for £70 reduced from £100 so a good bargain to start with and delivery was made with 3 working days from France so great customer service all round.

Link below to mine but others are available and size availability will limit what's available to you in the sale section

So I personally opted for a running trainer on the basis of I hate wearing work boots and big bulky trainers. Running round a car these so far have been perfect. Large chunky grip for any terrain, lightweight, full Goretex coating so easy to rinse if dirty, comfortable insoles which means 8 hours on a car is nothing and every car so far my feet have been perfectly dry.

Better yet these double up for any outdoor running I may do (definitely need to do more) and so far have held up to anything I've chucked at them in the short time of 3 months that I've had them.

This may seem incomparable to a full durability test and time will tell but with a 2 or 3 year warranty on products I don't imagine them crumbling any time soon.

It might seem trivial to some but to me this was a big issue after doing a car and having wet feet for the majority of the day, particularly if the insole wasn't comfortable to work with because you soon feel up going round a car all day, up and down do wheels, hoovering etc.

It's an annoyance that so far these have removed for me during detailing and something based on my initial findings that I would recommend to shortlist and probably purchase

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