Sam’s Detailing Clay Mitt

Coming in a neat branded box that I will keep to store it away In future, the mitt itself looks great and very well constructed, after unboxing it I was very keen to get out and give it a try.

I have gone on to use this twice recently and it has been a great addition to my kit bag. Usually I hate claying as I’m too clumsy to be handling something that is ruined if it’s dropped once and find it tedious to be covering such a small area at a time so the mitt completely removes both of those issues as it’s worn so no chance of dropping and even if I managed to drop it somehow it would just need a good rinsing off. Plus having a larger surface area you can half the time it takes to get around the car. It might not be 100% effective as a clay bar but pretty close.

I’ve been twinning it up with a weak mix of the almighty Garage Therapy decon shampoo to get it slippy and double up to cleansing, this shampoo has extreme ability to loosen up contaminants too so increases the effectiveness of claying while being slick enough that I’ve not been getting any noticeable marring but would still always follow with a polish to be sure of a perfect finish.

So back to the mitt as it runs across the surface you can hear and feel as it is rough at first but as you lightly rub back and forth it works leaving behind a nice slick surface.

Following on from the Meguires Ultimate Compound post being about a great correction product for beginners perhaps this one could be a good start if you want to try claying a car for the first time. As long as you follow the simple rules of keeping it lubed up and using light pressure I don’t think you can go far wrong.

Priced at £14 direct from Sam’s you may be able to find an unbranded one slightly cheaper. Still great value for something that can be used until you literally wear it out which seems like it will be years I’m loving it!

If your looking for more information on claying a car AutoCareHQ has some great articles such as this one to check out-

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