Shampoo Slickness Test Tournament ft. Garage Therapy, YUM, Pyramid and GO

Why am I doing this again?

Having this decent range of shampoo’s at my disposal I find it difficult to choose which one to to use. Purely on experience I couldn’t pick a favourite, all wax safe so perfect for those weekly maintenance washes I thought that the most important attribute should probably be slickness. As the slickest would inevitably mean using less pressure and less chance of inflicting swirls into the paint.

The test-

The only way I thought I could quantify this was by letting them slide up the bonnet as it was lifted which I have seen people do to check slickness of wax and sealants before. The test will be simple with 2 at a time, using half a bucket of clean warm water, just one cap/25ml of product, two identical microfibre wash mitts, placed evenly on the panel a few times and lifted until one takes a clear lead. Between rounds I thoroughly rinse buckets, mitts and bonnet ready for the next round.

Welcome to the arena-

The first competitor and cheapest on show was GO Detailing Shampoo at £8.50 for 500ml. That’s 42p for the 25ml wash we are working on today. Being fairly new to the market I’ve only used this once or twice before and was pleasantly surprised by the quality, based on my experience using it I couldn’t separate it from the more expensive and established brands that I have. Decent amount of suds with this one, bottled nicely with a pop top and squirt cap. The smell in the bottle is really nice, the description is mandarin and it really is bang on although I didn’t notice it transfer much when in use. It also seems to have good cleaning power but I have no way to quantify this other than opinion. But perhaps most important how slick is it we will find out in semi final one.

Also Introducing-

The second competitor going into semi final one is Pyramid Car Care Ultra Shampoo. I put this up second as the next cheapest at £9.99 but bare in mind that’s also with free delivery and discount codes are available (more about that at the bottom of the article). Based on the list price it comes in at 49p per 25ml wash. Also fairly new to me and only used once or twice the first thing you will notice it the thickness when glugging a blob into your bucket. That thickness transfers to the suds too as they are really foamy, I actually think this would perform well at less dilution than I am using here but being in a very hard water area I do over use shampoo’s to compensate. I believe it’s a berry scent which is a bit too strong in the bottle but when diluted and in use it’s very pleasant and wafts around throughout the wash which I know some fellow enthusiasts will really enjoy. If you want to see this in action check out Mat from detailing world enjoying it along with some other Pyramid products on his latest video-

Semi Final One-

On mixing into the buckets both produced a similar amount of suds but to touch the pyramid ones were thicker, also the smell from pyramid definitely hangs around more. On washing the panel before I started sliding I couldn’t notice any difference in slickness by hand. Also to mention that both left a thin film behind before my wax sheeted them off showing as all good shampoo’s should that a layer of lubricant is always between the mitt and panel. To start the test then first lift was a dead heat and I thought here we go I’m going to prove nothing today but on the second both moved but pyramid was clearly faster, after re dipping the third was another clear win for pyramid making it 2-0 followed by another dead heat. Then pyramid went 3-0 up before GO pulled one back 3-1 I did one more and it was again clear win for pyramid so I declared that the winner of this heat. Very marginal as GO was always on the move too but Pyramid takes it.

Round 2-

Next up in Semi Final Two we have Garage Therapy /one car shampoo which is priced at £10 making it 50p per 25ml wash. This is the one I’ve used most out of these four so far and I can’t mention it without bringing up the trio available from Garage Therapy. They also have a wheel shampoo which is very potent at tackling even heavily soiled alloys, I have heard people recently doubt the need for dedicated wheel shampoo and just think to myself they haven’t tried this one. Also available is a decon shampoo which is an absolute beast at stripping old protection and I wouldn’t even attempt any form of decontamination with out this at my disposal. But back to the wax safe maintenance shampoo we are looking at today, it has a clean but not particular scent, a showing of suds similar thickness to GO. As mentioned before I have no way of quantifying it but in my experience it does seem to have great cleaning ability.

Last but not least-

Well definitely doesn’t cost least it is YUM Wash at £11.95 it’s not the most expensive on the market but most pricey that I own. At 25ml thats 59p per wash. I had a sample size of this from a bundle which I really enjoyed using so soon went back to get a full bottle. I’d say it’s the second thickest liquid and coloured a bright pink it has a really nice sweet shop scent, it mixes very easily and produces a good amount of suds. On feel when using the product it hits the spot but let’s try and quantify that.

Semi Final Two-

On mixing both, looks wise very similar amount of suds and they felt same thickness they only distinguishing feature was the tasty smell on the yum side. Again when pre washing each half of the panel before sliding no noticeable differences and both leaving the layer of lube behind the mitt before dispersing that is good to see. First lift they both moved but Garage Therapy the quicker 1-0, second lift I’m scoring a dead heat as YUM was slow to start but caught up by the time they reached the windscreen, then Yum Pulled one back on a close run making it 1-1 before Garage Therapy took it 2-1. At the time I felt Garage Therapy was clearly winning at this point but on watching back I wish I’d of done a few more lifts as it seemed closer than I remember but Garage Therapy progresses to the final.

The Grand Final-

Two fresh buckets half filled with warm water and throughly rinsed out mitts at the ready. On mixing I can confirm Pyramid has the thickest suds here and like YUM also has a nice scent that sticks around. Trying my best to move and place them equally on the each side of the panel away we go. First lift Garage therapy takes a clear lead as pyramid was slowly on the move, but next up this reversed making it 1-1. Then the tide turned and Garage Therapy took the next 3 so I declare it winner of the prestigious accolade Slickest Shampoo in my Garage!

Post match analysis-

All four are quality shampoo’s that I will continue to use regularly. Pyramid put up a good fight and with its thick suds a nice scent the overall experience may be more enjoyable, similarly with the YUM wash which also feels very premium. GO too for a new product and the cheapest isn’t far behind in any category. But Garage Therapy took the win, which probably wouldn’t surprise anyone who has used their products as they do seem to be meticulously developed with performance in mind.

You can see short videos of these tests on my Instagram page @Gilly_Wash

And remember if you want to try the Ultra Shampoo or any other Pyramid Car Care products they have kindly set up a discount code for me ‘GillyWash’ which will give you 15% discount or if you are a member of this site check the discount page for even bigger savings!

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