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Following my previous shampoo slickness test in which Garage Therapy /ONE car shampoo was victorious and became my benchmark to test against. Many people suggested that SUDS would be a worthy challenger so I picked some up to see how it gets on!

Having decided that the most important attribute for a maintenance shampoo should probably be slickness. As the slickest would inevitably mean using less pressure and less chance of inflicting swirls into the paint. I test them for this by simply adding 25ml to each bucket, mix them up and chuck in two identical wash mitts. Then place the shampoo loaded mitts evenly onto each each half of the bonnet and slowly lift to see which slides first. Here is the action-

SUDS is the new champion by winning this Shampoo Slickness Super Cup! As soon as I picked it up and put it on the panel for the first time my eyebrows raised ’oooo this is good’ as I could immediately feel the slickness.

The bottle comes very well presented with a pop and squirt type lid that is a nice touch, the liquid itself reminds me of the type of hair gel I used when I middle school for colour and consistency but doesn’t smell as strong, actually doesn’t have much of a scent at all. When mixed into the bucket as the name suggests it produces a decent amount of suds but not the most I have seen. In summary it’s a super slick no nonsense maintenance shampoo and I can see why it wins the hearts of those who have used it!

I also would like to mention I picked this up from County Detailing who have a great range of all the top brands. It was delivered very quickly and well packaged to avoid leaking or damage in transit. Suds is listed at £8.99 for 500ml and also available in 1L and 5L. Remember to check the review warriors discount page for a cheeky discount.

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