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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

BUFF-IT Tagline:

BUFF-IT CHERRY SNOW FOAM is a non-touch pre-cleaning product with high foaming formula, simply spray onto vehicle using a snow foam lance. BUFF-IT CHERRY SNOW FOAM will effortlessly lift dirt, traffic film and bugs from paintwork.






The first thing that stands out of the bottle is the BUFF-IT logo. Nice a simple, with the instructions printed on the label, which are easy to understand. The design is really nice. It also mentions about the product not being wax or LSP safe,


My car hadn't been cleaned in 2 weeks and was only slighty dirty. My car just seems to attract bugs and bird poo, so not cleaning it for 2 weeks, it needs a good clean. Considering the time of year, the car just goes to the supermarket and back, and its filthy.

I setup the Direct Hoses All Black 9, which is here, 6% discount code - WWR6%1120 and attached it to my new Consellation Chemicals Snow Foam Lance - here

I poured in 100ml of the product and topped with 900ml of warm water. As soon as you pour the snow foam you can smell the marzipan (even though it states cherry) I attached it to the pressure washer quick release trigger and sqeezed away.

The thickness of this snow foam, is what you'd expect from a snow foam that is high on the pH scale and designed to remove LSP and maybe other protection you have on your car. Make sure you are okay with this, before applying as there's nothing worse realising afterwards.

The snow foam stayed on the car for a good amount of time 6 minutes+ and stayed thick for majority of the time. At some points of the car, you could see the foam working and lifting the dirt but in other parts, the snow foam looked static and didn't seem to be doing much

You can see from the thickness, it didn't even disappear in my hands and it felt smooth and thick

Rinsing off was surprisingly easy, considering how thick and how much it clung to the car. It did leave the car really clean afterwards, but parts of the car were not throughly clean and was a bit of a let down.


I have definitely smelled this on another snow foam before. Personally I couldn't smell cherries and did get a stong smell of marizpan, which I like.


Was easy to use following the guidelines on the bottle however, there are no instructions on the bottle.

Reading the label on the bottle states:

For best results and high foaming dilute 1 part product to 10 parts water, for a thinner foam dilute 1 part product with 25 parts water. Allow to sit on vehicle for 1-2 minutes and then remove using clean water from a pressure washer.


Take extra care when using in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. This product is not wax or LSP safe, this is a deep cleaning product.


The foam thickness is a bit too much and seemed to be static more than work down the car.

As I mentioned before, on certain parts of the car, the foam was static and didn't seem to move. This was the reason I left it on the car for a long time to see the foam work it's magic.

For the Instagram world, it's a great thickness and looks brillant, but real life hmm...


If you're looking for a product with good cleaning power and will remove LSP and not safe on waxes, I would say give it a shot. You can always use the high dilution for a thinner snow foam, which I will do another day.

Price - £15.99 for 1LT which is more than average. Using the ratio I did, £1.59 per wash. That's not working for me
500ml - £8.99 works out around £1.80!?

Overall - 3.9 Average

It's a good snow foam from BUFF-IT but nothing in particular is screaming out at me.

It done a good job cleaning the car, not fantasic but it did do what it stated it does. The foam was thick and stayed on the car for a long time.

Would I use this again, probably but at a higher dilution ratio, as long as it still effects waxes and LSP. The cost as well £15.99 for 1LT or £8.99 for 500ml.

Thanks for BUFF-IT for gifting me this bottle.

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Recommended: Its worth trying if you are looking for a strong snow foam that is not safe on waxes and LSP

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