Solution61 Sample Box- Snow foam, Cherry Suds Shampoo, Easy Bead Wax Drying Aid

Solution61 have a very extensive range of products available and I have been toying with the idea of trying them for a while so when I see a sample box released for just £7.50 I ordered one up. I also added on the Si02 wax as it was reasonably priced which I will try another day.

The first item from the samples is a snow foam, you get a choice of lemon or orange blast ph neutral or a stronger TFR blast. These come in a 500ml bottle but are pre mixed ready to use. I chose the Lemon Blast option which does smell nice and fresh not like a bathroom cleaner which sometimes lemon scented things a can be accused of. It was unusual to pour the solution straight into the lance with no mixing, it went on giving a nice full coverage on a quick pass so I actually think I could get two cars from the 500ml.

It slowly run off over the 5 minutes I gave it to dwell.

I can’t say I noticed much in the way of cleaning power but as the car only had a thin layer of road film on it I think any PH neutral snow foam would have struggled to shift that. Let me know what you think of the before and after swipes taken in the pic below-

If purchased individually this will cost you £8 for 500ml diluting down a 1:4 which will give you 10 washes on an average sized car based on the amount I used today. You will soon see the again on the site and how it compares to some competitors as I have entered it into my 2020-2021 Snow Foam Cup!

The second item you get in this deal is 50ml of the Cherry Suds Shampoo. Similar to the lemon blast where you expect a certain smell it was a pleasant surprise not the typical fake cherry smelling scent that is used in so many detailing products this one is very alluring, I found my self keep sniffing the mitt during the wash just to get a better wiff. This 50ml will give you 2-3 washes of very thick suds as you can see here-

The suds however didn’t transfer much onto the panel, there was some slickness but I don’t think it will be troubling my slickest collection seen in this test-

It’s is described to ‘ensure your vehicles bodywork has a high gloss finish’ so I assumed it was a wash and wax type shampoo until I noticed on the website they also offered that as a separate product. It also masked water behaviour of my current protection indicating something has been left behind from the shampoo so luckily we have ‘easy bead’ up next to restore that. The shampoo is £8 for 500ml usually and that will keep you going for about 25 washes!

To finish off then and get back some satisfying water behaviour we have Easy Bead which is described as a wax drying aid that give 4 weeks of protection from a simple spray and rinse application. I do like to use a spray and rinse type product this time of year to keep my protection easily topped up. As soon as it’s applied to the wet panel you can see the water getting scared. Then when rinsing off it is fully hydrophobic as you can see here-

The 500ml sample comes ready mixed but usually you’re able to dilute it down 2:3 giving you 1.25L for £8 I used nearly half of my 500ml of solution so you’d get at least 5 uses a full price bottle.

These were an enjoyable trio to use so I’m glad I got the sample bundle to try, they have also just launched a stocking filler gift set that looks good value so be sure to check them out at and go to the review warriors discount page for an exclusive discount!

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