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Squid Ink Detailing ultimate QD I was kindly gifted a bunch of products by squid ink so please look out for more reviews coming soon. First impressions of this product are as follows; ~ Cool colour ~ Smells pleasant ~ Bottle is quite basic ~ Trigger not the best I recently bought a car and the car was a state, really needed a good detail, I couldn't wax the car as the weather is terrible. so I opted to use this on the last stage of the detail. One thing to note about this product is LITTLE goes a long way and it really does. My method of using the product I sprayed this all over the car ( definitely over applied ) and ended up running the drying towel over the car and then buffed the product off after I had dried the car. The gloss I was quite shoked with how well the this product made the car look, i personally haven't used a QD that makes a car look as good as the car did after using this.

Product description Squid Ink Ultimate QD is our flagship rapid quick detailer. Simply spray on, wipe off and buff to leave a luscious deep, just waxed shine. The glossy wax finish delivered by our Ultimate QD is outstanding.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD contains an advanced blend of polymers, Carnauba and Nano wax which encapsulates dirt and lifts it away from paint, meaning it won't leave scratches or swirl marks. We suggest jetwashing your vehicle before application as a minimum.

Squid Ink Ultimate QD is perfect for taking to car shows, meets or events when the drive there has dirtied the car slightly. It can also be used as an LSP (last step product) after waxing, or in between full washes to keep your pride and joy in tip top condition

You'll be amazed at the water beading and sheeting properties of this product - a must have for anyone who takes pride in their vehicle.

Sold in 500ml bottles with child lock screw caps and quality triggers. 5 litre containers are available with tamper proof lid (trigger not supplied with 5 litre option). Always keep out of reach of children and animals and take care when handling chemicals. Use appropriate PPE. Price of this product is £11.99 From what ive had a look at regaurding price point, this product is on the higher side of the price range, but... alot of the cheaper priced quick detailers don't state that they contain wax's or provide protection, where as this product contains polymers,carnauba and nano wax's. I can't find how long they state the protection levels of this product, but i washed the car a week ago and the car still is beading, the car is dirty and the beading is dead on the bottom half of the car. If you follow me on instagram ill keep you guys up to date oif the protection is still there when i next wash the car. Over all i reccomend this product, easy to use and highly glossy. I'd personlly like to see a change in trigger heads as this isn't the most premium feeling. Go check the website out

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