SRP- autoglym super resin polish

SRP - autoglym’s super resin polish is there all in one hand polish.

I bought this product to get a mark off of the wing mirror of my car, this polish worked wonders for it, it didn’t get it all of it off, but got 85% of the marks and scratches, but you have to bare in mind that it is a hand polish.

The price of this product is around avarage for an all in one polish- £13.50 for 500ML

This is currently on offer for £13.50 for 1 litre so a bargain.

Buffing this product off is easy! The only problem or negative thing is that it is quite chalky while buffing the product off and you might need a few cloths because of this.

There are also other hand polishers that won’t be so chalky.

Overall I think this is a good product and worth the price!


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