Stjärnagloss Pärla and Silke

After featuring in some testing I have done recently in head to head comparisons I found all the products involved had their own benefits and thought they deserved a post of their own. You can check out part 1 and 2 of my testing via these links-

Today’s full write up goes to Pärla the spray sealant offering from Stjärnagloss. And Silke their gloss enhancing detailer.

First Impressions

Stjärnagloss Pärla and Silke I’ve got to say the presentation of these are probably my favourite of all brands. I Iove the Scandinavian style but also the unique way they line up to spell out Stjärnagloss is a nice touch and does look great when the full range is displayed. The bottles also contain all the vital information and doesn’t hide the fact it’s made by Dodo Juice which is no bad thing as those guys make some cracking products. The white outer label is double sided containing plenty of information in many different languages then you can completely remove this outer layer to leave a more colourful but minimal label. Silke has a nice clean sweat smell almost like fabric softener. The liquids inside are both cloudy and Pärla having a more subtle scent nothing too in your face but pleasant.

For some beautiful pronunciations of the Stjärnagloss range check out Specky Mcsporran getting to grips with them here-


Stjärnagloss Pärla is a very quick spray onto your towel, spread and flip to buff off no issues at all, as I was spreading the product seemed to be flashing off so hard to see where I’d been and if I had good coverage. For the purpose of this test I just used like that as instructions but I’d probably spray onto a microfibre pad in future and do two coats spread it with a crosshatch pattern to ensure better coverage. Silke gives a great glossy finish but I’ve heard a couple of others say streaking is a problem if over applied so I tried it and sure enough is does become tougher to buff the more you use so less really is more here. Sounds like I’m being a little negative on both here but that wasn’t my intention they are easy to use just take a little bit of getting used to how much to use and exact process that works best for you.

Water Behaviour

Pärla forms some nice small but slightly irregular beads and sheets water well too. Then after applying Silke over these characteristics remained the same which is good that it doesn’t mask them if used after some maintenance washes.

You can see a video of this water action on my Instagram post here:


Stjärnagloss Pärla is also very good value at £14 for 500ml, Ive done a car and a half just from the 100ml sample and still have half left so would get 3 uses from this or around 12 from a big bottle. That makes a 500ml bottle £1.16 per application and it claimed 3-5 months so based on 4 applications £3.48 per year. Or if you want to try it out in 100ml like I did that’s another option for just £6. Silke was the cheapest QD in my test at £9 for 500ml which i think is very reasonable. I was actually pleasantly surprised how well Stjärnagloss compared on prices as my impression is a premium brand but they are fairly reasonable when you break it down.

Final Thoughts

Another thing to consider is using Pärla as a base sealant and topping with their Fantastik wax if you want to stay on brand and enjoy a traditional hard wax. Also Glatt the rinse aid I’ve really enjoyed using after maintenance washes to help dry the car and boost hydrophobic properties so you could finish with that or Silke. The cleaning range have all performed well too when I have tried them so I will get around to more reviews of this brand at some point. I have said before that in some kind of alternative universe if I just had one brand of products in a minimalist garage I’d go for these as they look great, have a very comprehensive range and perform pretty well too. Last thing to mention if you are interested in this brand is Cav the face of Stjärnagloss, a must follow on Instagram with his unique presentation style some of the videos are hilarious and informative.

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