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The Detail Kitchen

The product

Secret ingredient from the detail kitchen It’s strong apc that is dilute-able I used this at 1-10 recommended by owner Andy


£9.99 500ml - £16.99 1litre - £39.99 5litre

worth mentioning trade accounts are available from them too

The review

I’ve used the secret ingredient before really good apc foams nicely but the coconut edition I was dubious diluted you’d be able to smell it at 1-10 but was pleasantly surprised. The cleaning power aswell seems to be more than it used to be either that or I forgot how good it was first time round.

I tackled a very dirty van with these hadn’t been cleaned for many years as you can see from the pics it really hammered through the dirt and cleaned it well on a vehicle like this where your not planning on using a dressing this product is ideal clean without the chemically clean smell.


Couldn’t find anything to fault this product with probably be a bit of a waste if you used it in a pump sprayer as a pre wash but that’s litterally it I think it would probably even do a great job on that

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