The test nobody asked for test! Part 1 Waxes and Sealants


Here I have my old Ford Fiesta and a mighty selection of waxes and sealants which I couldn’t decide which to use. So I narrowed it down to four that I was keen to use and split the car into sections to put them all to use.

To test, compare and review we have the Pyramid Car Care Ceramic Wax developed with ODK, the new to the market GO Si02 Ceramic Wax, Yum Ceramic spray sealant and Pärla the spray sealant offering from Stjärnagloss.

In this part one I will look at presentation, application, water behaviour and costs. In the near future I will update on durability and also add the respective brands corresponding quick detailing sprays as toppers to compare as this is how I would usually treat these in real world scenario.


First up the Pyramid x ODK Ceramic Wax is presented beautifully in a black glass jar with classy gold branding. It does lack any instructions or further information which adds to it sleek looks but may leave some people wanting to know more. There is how ever information on the website and I guess this is aimed more at professionals or enthusiasts who are comfortable with the process anyway. The wax it’s self is a greyish blue and smells amazing like sweet berries. Strong enough scent too that really fills the air while using.

GO SiO2 Ceramic Wax comes in a plastic pot which is to be expected at this price point but more on that later. GO’s main range of products are strikingly bold orange on black which are very eye catching, the ceramic range is themed white which I don’t like as much on its own but it is a great contrast to separate the Si02 products. The white lid on this product has the great tag line too ‘we make it simple you make it shine’. The bottom of the pot is clear showing the orange wax and there is a sticker on the underside with all the a surprising amount of detail squeezed on. The wax itself is very firm and is another one with a strong fruity scent this time bubblegum. It has become a bit of a running joke that I get my wife to smell all new products I get for her opinion and she says this has been her favourite out of everything so high praise there! And all orders I’ve had have come with a sticker and a sweet which is a nice touch.

Stjärnagloss Pärla, I only have the sample size 100ml bottle of this one but some other full size bottles and I’ve got to say the presentation of these are probably my favourite of all brands. I may just be a sucker for the classy Scandinavian style but also the unique way they line up to spell out Stjärnagloss is a nice touch and does look great when the full range is displayed. The bottle also contains all the vital information and doesn’t hide the fact it’s made by Dodo Juice which is no bad thing as those guys make some cracking products too. The liquid inside is cloudy and the least scented of these four it’s not unpleasant but very mild.

YUM Ceramic has very simple bold branding you would recognise a mile off. The bottles are mostly clear and liquids inside have vivid colours so another brand that looks great lined up on the shelf, this one is pale blue which which is a colour a few companies associate with ceramic products. The bottle also contains plenty of information and instructions. The liquid inside has a very yummy sweatshop scent which is nice as they also send out sweats with your order!

To rank these individual products purely on presentation out far ahead would be the Pyramid wax so call that 5 points. Then Stjärnagloss Pärla with 4, although I love the bold branding of GO and YUM these two on there own don’t feel as classy as the others so I’ll say 2 each.


Pyramid Ceramic Wax comes with a basic foam applicator to spread it with and it’s an absolute joy, soft enough to pick up on the pad with ease and spreads like butter. Just 5 minutes to cure and if buffs off with no issues. Not much more to say but I can’t imagine a paste wax being easier or more enjoyable.

GO Si02 Ceramic wax is much firmer and takes some rubbing to pick up on an applicator but when your pad is primed it does spread very nicely into a thin layer and a little goes a really long way. I gave it at least 5 minutes on the panel and I’m not sure if this was too soon, too long or it’s just how it is but it was tougher to remove, not a nightmare but I had to use a little more pressure. This was my first time using the product and only on half a bonnet so when I use it more I might get a better feel for it and this will improve.

Stjärnagloss Pärla is a very quick spray onto your towel, spread and flip to buff off no issues but if anything it was too easy. Bare with me, as I was spreading the product seemed to be flashing off so it was hard to see where I’d been and if I had good coverage. For the purpose of this test I just used like that as the instructions but I’d probably spray onto a pad in future and spread it with a crosshatch pattern to ensure better coverage.

YUM Ceramic same application as above but this was so quick and easy. As soon as you start to buff the paint feels so satisfyingly slick. For beginners or those in a hurry to lay down some protection this is absolutely perfect.

To score those YUM has to be the winner for speed and ease so 5, it seems harsh to score Pyramid down as it’s perfect for a traditional wax but not as quick as a spray so 4, Pärla 3 it was very quick and easy but I just had that worry about coverage. Leaving GO on 2 it wasn’t bad but pretty much what you’d expect from a paste wax so in this test that is where it placed.

Water Behaviour

Pyramid Ceramic Wax has the most uniform beading and sheets the fastest,

GO Si02 Ceramic Wax also beaded very nice I’d say they were very slightly more different sizes but I’m splitting hairs to separate them, it sheeted the slowest of all four though. Stjärnagloss and Yum where inseparable with identical small but irregular beads and sheeting very similar too.

To score these then Pyramid was a clear winner with 5, Stjärnagloss and Yum I’ll give a three. GO had good beads but a little slow sheeting so I will also give that a 3.

You can see a video of this water action on my Instagram post here:


Pyramid Ceramic Wax is priced at quite a hefty £49.99 and I will use that price for this comparison but bare in mind there are discount codes available and delivery is free. As for cost per application as it is quite soft for a paste wax I probably used more than I should have and I would estimate 5 full car applications making it £4.99 per use. At the claimed 6 months durability it would cost basically £10 a year.

GO Si02 Ceramic Wax will pull back some points here as it’s just £14.99 which is a bargain for a wax and although the pot is smaller because of its hardness I still think I’d get at least 5 uses out of it making it just £3 per application and as it claims 12 months durability a bargain for the yearly cost too.

Stjärnagloss Pärla is also very good value at £14 for 500ml, Ive done a car and a half from the 100ml sample and still have half left so would get 3 uses from this or 12 from a big bottle. That makes a 500ml bottle £1.16 per application and it claimes 3-5 months so based on 4 uses that’s £3.48 per year. Or if you want to try it out in 100ml like I did that’s another option for just £6

YUM is £24.95 for 500ml or £13.50 for 250ml. From my 250ml bottle based on the car and a half I have used I think I would get 4 full uses from this so 8 from a large bottle making that £3.12 per application and with 6 months durability £6.24 to protect one car for a year.

So to sum that up GO wins on cost getting 5, Stjärnagloss follows closely behind with 4 then there’s a big jump in cost to YUM so I’ll give that 2 and most expensive is Pyramid scoring 1.


Pyrimid Ceramic Wax

Presentation 5

Application 4

Water Behaviour 5

Cost 1

Total 15

GO Si02 Ceramic Wax

Presentation 2

Application 2

Water Behaviour 3

Cost 5

Total 12

Stjärnagloss Pärla

Presentation 4

Application 3

Water Behaviour 3

Cost 4

Total 14

YUM Ceramic

Presentation 2

Application 5

Water Behaviour 3

Cost 2

Total 12

So what would I recommend out of these four?

Obviously Pyramid came out on top here but I understand that cost makes it a special treat to most of us. Another thing to consider is using Pärla as a base sealant and topping with Pyramid would be a great combination.

GO offers great value and durability so if you just want to get out and wax once a year on a budget that’s an option too.

Also YUM is so easy to use a beginner or valeter who wants to offer a quick ‘ceramic’ treatment would enjoy that.

They all have there unique selling points which is why I have them all and couldn’t decide which one to use.

If you like the sound of the luxury wax offering from Pyramid as I’ve been reviewing a lot of their products lately the guys have kindly set up a discount code ‘GillyWash’ that will save 15% or if your a member of the review warriors you can currently enter to win one of three they are giving away or purchase your own with a 30% discount!

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