The test that nobody asked for test quick detailers part 2


Here I have my old Ford Fiesta which I have applied a mighty selection of waxes and sealants to because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use. I split the car into 4 sections and put all the waxes to use. Now, a couple of weeks and a wash later, I have decided to add an associated detailing spray over each.

To test, compare and review we have the Pyramid Car Care Quick Detailer Pro over their Ceramic Wax, GO Si02 Ceramic Ultra QD over their Ceramic Wax, Yum Detailer over Yum Ceramic spray sealant and Silke over Pärla from Stjärnagloss.

In this part of the test I will look at presentation, application, water behaviour and costs. In the near future I will update on durability and do a write up on how I find the products work together.


First up the Pyramid Quick Detailer Pro in its classy black and gold packaging with simple description and instructions on the back of the label. It has a pleasant sweet smell that reminds me of the foam bananas in pick and mix.

GO SiO2 Ceramic Ultra QD has the white ceramic range packaging that is growing on me, but it would be an extra quality touch if the trigger was also white to match. It has plenty of product information on the label but this one is unscented with just the solvent kind of chemical smell.

I am a sucker for the Scandinavian style of the Stjärnagloss Silke and Pärla. I love how they line up to spell the name of the brand on the shelf, the white outer label is double sided containing plenty of information in many different languages then you can completely remove this outer layer to leave a more colourful but minimal label. Silke has a nice clean sweet smell, almost like fabric softener.

YUM Detailer has their signature simple, bold branding you would recognise a mile off in a clear bottle with the white milky liquid on show. The bottle contains plenty of product information and instructions. The liquid inside has a sweet scent which isn’t as strong as the ceramic spray but it’s still pleasant.

To rank these individual products purely on presentation and smells I can’t fault Pyramid, Stjärnagloss or Yum so I’ll give them 5 points each. Although GO has great branding and very good information on the bottle, purely because it is unscented and would look better with a white trigger it’s a little behind the others with 4.


Pyramid Quick Detailer Pro is a simple spray and buff, you don’t need to use a lot of product and I’ve experienced no issues with streaking, but does require a little more buffing than some others to get that perfect finish and slickness.

GO Si02 Ceramic Ultra QD is slightly different to the others as the instructions says to mist on and spread then wait to haze and buff. A slightly slower application, but when it hazed it wiped off very easily and left a great finish, slick and glossy.

Stjärnagloss Silke is similar to Pyramid to apply. I find and gives a great finish but I’ve heard a couple of others say streaking is a problem if over applied, I tried it and sure enough is does become tougher to buff the more you use, so less really is more here.

YUM Detailer is an absolute joy to apply. Spray and buff, its immediately slick and shiny. I would definitely recommend this to beginners as you just can’t go wrong with it.

To score this round YUM has to be my winner so 5 points, Pyramid very closely behind with 4, GO with 3 as it’s a slower method but very nice to use and Stjärnagloss Silke also 3 because  it is very quick and easy, but be careful not to over use or you’ll get streaking issues.

Water Behaviour

Pyramid Quick Detailer Pro as its Ceramic Wax counterpart has the most uniform beading and sheets the fastest.

A similar story from GO Si02 Ceramic Ultra QD as its Wax also beaded very nicely, but it sheeted the slower. Stjärnagloss and Yum were again inseparable, with identical small but irregular beads and sheeting very similar too.

To score these then Pyramid was a clear winner with 5, GO closely behind with 4 then Stjärnagloss and Yum I’ll give a 3.


Pyramid Quick Detailer Pro is £11.99 for 500ml but always remember the free delivery and discount codes available.

GO Si02 Ceramic Ultra QD is surprisingly the most expensive here, the normal QD they offer would be joint cheapest but you pay a premium for the ceramic range so I it has much more durability to justify the price. £14.50 for 500ml.

Stjärnagloss Silke is the cheapest at £9 for 500ml which i think is very reasonable.

YUM is £12.95 for 500ml which is quite expensive for a spray that offers no durability.

So to sum that up Stjärnagloss wins scoring a 5, Pyramid second although quite a jump from £9 to £11.99 so I’ll give it 3, Yum with 2 and GO the most expensive scores 1.


Pyramid Quick Detailer Pro

Presentation 5

Application 4

Water behaviour 5

Cost 3

Total 17

GO Ultra QD

Presentation 4

Application 3

Water behaviour 4

Cost 1

Total 12

Stjärnagloss Silke

Presentation 5

Application 3

Water behaviour 3

Cost 5

Total 16

Yum Detailer

Presentation 5

Application 5

Water behaviour 3

Cost 2

Total 15

So what would I recommend out of these four?

Pyramid came out on top as it’s a good all rounder with no real weak points.

Stjärnagloss in second with it cheapest price just putting it ahead of Yum which is so easy so use.

GO is the only one here with Ceramic properties so I’ll have to wait and see but I guess it offers most durability.

All these detailing sprays have unique selling points but as I recently named Infinity wax my ultimate topper perhaps the all round performance from Pyramid here can earn it a place in my champions range as a QD for maintenance touch ups and light cleaning.

If you would like to try Pyramid for yourself, as I’ve been reviewing a lot of their products lately, the guys have kindly set up a discount code ‘GillyWash’ that will save 15% or if your a member of the review warriors you can currently get an even bigger discount!

To see the full range available from Pyramid click here:

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