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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Forgive me for the cheesy intro but since it represents limitless possibilities I thought it was quite apt for an innovative brand like Infinity Wax. This review specifically is for Express Sealant but the rest of the range is just as good from what I've tried and worth a look. A well established product Express Sealant is something I believe every detailer should keep in their arsenal. It's a product I go back to time and time again and the first product I pack or grab off the shelf when prepping chemicals.

Cost is £9.99 for 500ml and dilutable between 10-1 up to 25-1 which makes it such an economical product and allows you to tailor the protection needed as an initial coat or top up for a maintenance clean.

It doesn't state the durability on the website but I suspect numerous factors as with any other products has an impact on longevity. Application is the usual methods of a spray bottle, pump sprayer or for speed a foam lance. Personal preference is the spray bottle for accuracy and concentration as I use both dilutions and allows me the option to work into the paint with a microfibre, similar to a spray wax, or give 30 seconds and rinse depending on weather conditions and time constraints. The product comes into its own for me with our Great British weather. It gives me a product I can apply in the harshest of weather, be it rain, hail, frost and still provide some form of protection to all the exterior surfaces in minimal time and prep. As with all spray on rinse off products a full decontamination would help but this product doesn't suffer without and isn't fussy in that respect.

It's just works, no issue, no cure time, no stumbling blocks, it's the easiest way anyone can apply protection in a single application. Being a sealant this doesn't offer the same endurance as a ceramic coating but it doesn't claim to be and for me negates a lot of the issues I could encounter for a typical driveway detailer. As a wheel sealant it's perfect for tricky and intricate wheels and provides a lot of flexibility in that aspect for minimal outlay

Overall I can't fault it, the rinse indicator is clear to help flush away residual product and activate the bond. Its provides beads, sheets the water and leaves a glossy slick finish which makes drying a car easier. The final finish is perfect to layer up on top of which I usually do with the Rapid Detailer for a flawless finish.

There's also plenty of synthetic sealant products on the market with rave reviews, Bouncers Bead Juice a quick example, which as such I've not tried so although I couldn't explicitly say buy this over the others, I would happily recommend this based on my personal experience for its ease of use alone will be the benchmark going forward.

Hope this has helped and any questions please ask away.

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