Tyre Cleaning Test- feat. Yum Undress, Sam’s tyre dressing stripper, Stjärnagloss först and Pyramid

In this test I want to see how the new Yum Undress stacks up against my previous dedicated tyre cleaner Sam’s tyre dressing stripper in a straight comparison on the two front wheels. Then on the back two wheels use my favourite pre washes to see if those more versatile products do as good a job. The overall outcome will see one of these introduced into my champions range as my tyre cleaning king, adding to a very strong line up of winners from previous tests.

Cleaning Power

I guess this is the most important category as ideally you want to do just one application, scrub and rinse off knowing the tyres are suitably clean ready for a new dressing to adhere. So I will do one application and see if any dirt remains then continue to a second/third if needed.

Yum Undress is a really thick gel like substance that foams up when agitated. Brown foam appeared on the first application as it lifted the dirt. When this was rinsed off I wiped with a clean cloth and it didn’t show any signs of dirt. I went for a second hit anyway just to prove it’s clean with the foam coming up white.

Sam’s tyre dressing stripper is a thinner liquid so tends to need a little more to get that foaming action going. After the first hit there was just a small amount of dirt still showing on the cloth so I went for the second and expecting that to be it but it still showed a little dirt on the cloth so I had to do a third which did finish it off.

Stjärnagloss först was actually very similar to use as Sam’s being a thinner liquid and taking 3 hits.

Pyramid citrus pre wash was then a similar gel like consistency to YUM undress, on the first hit it performed well but still showed a very small amount of dirt on the cloth so I did a second hit which easily finished it giving me a clean cloth and that satisfying white foam.

So to put those in order YUM Undress was the winner removing all dirt on first pass, Pyramid citrus was second having just a small amount to remove on the second hit, Sam’s third after it done well on the first hit surprisingly still got dirt on my cloth after the second so it took three passes and that goes third, and Stjärnagloss Först also took three hits but didn’t remove as much on the first as Sam’s so forth place here.


Yum Undress I picked up on a Black Friday sale price but it will usually be £9.95 for 500ml judging by how much I have used on this one tyre it was a very small amount and I estimate that I will be able to clean at least 20 full cars from this bottle making it 49p per wash.

Sam’s tyre dressing stripper is priced at £8.50 and I estimate 15 uses from this making it 56p per wash.

Stjärnagloss först is only available in 1L which gives it an advantage over the others, at £9 and obviously you would be using it on other areas of the car too but if it was just used on tyres I estimate 30 uses so 30p per wash

Pyramid citrus pre wash is £6.99 for 500ml but as always with pyramid the free shipping and discount codes can make it very attractive. Because of its thickness like YUM undress I estimate 20 uses and it will cost around 35p per wash just for use on tyres. But like först this is a very versatile product and it will soon be available in 5L. That would be ideal to have one mixer bottle neat for tyres and really dirty bodywork, and a second bottle diluted 5:1 or more to use as a pre wash so effectively from the 5L option I would have 1L as a strong cleaner and 4L diluted into 20L or more for general prewash. No price yet for the 5L but this will definitely be by far the best value option.


Into my champions range and If you want an ultimate one hit tyre cleaner its YUM. So I’m glad I got the new YUM undress on a Black Friday deal but going forward for less money and a product that is also a great prewash, almost as good tyre cleaner the Pyramid citrus pre wash is a good choice. The thing that these two had in common was thickness which seems to make them go further and a foaming action which is satisfying and really seems to pull out the grime.

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