Tyre Dressing Comparison featuring: YUM Dress, GO Show Tyres, Stjärnagloss Gummi, 26JPN Hydro Tyre

After testing the tyre cleaners last week it was the perfect time to also apply some dressings and see how they stack up. I picked from my selection YUM dress to be applied over the tyre that was YUM undressed, GO show tyres is on the one cleaned with Pyramid Citrus, Stjärnagloss Gummi over the tyre cleaned with först and 26JPN hydro tyre to the one that was cleaned by Sam’s tyre dressing stripper.


Stjärnagloss Gummi stands out as the most pleasant to apply as it is a cream that doesn’t feel greasy and it spreads nicely too.

YUM, GO and 26JPN are all thick gels that are very similar to apply and all better than the runnier Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel that used to be a staple for many of us, the only distinctive feature between these was smell, none are bad but GO definitely the sweetest.

To score then-

Stjarnagloss 5

GO 3


26JPN 2


The look of a tyre is very subjective some like them glossy while some like them natural looking. I think certain types suit certain cars and wheel styles too. Generally I like them to be dark but not too shiny.

The one that stood out for me looks wise on application and for the first couple of days was GO show tyres which from the description I was expecting a wet look but a pleasant surprise the finish was very dark and not glossy or oily looking at all.

The other three were hard to separate on looks after application but the next day Stjärnagloss Gummi had mellowed and looked more natural which I liked. YUM dress and 26JPN hydro tyre are not as greasy looking as some of the traditional gel products but still gave that wet kind of look for the first couple of days which is still an improvement from untreated but isn’t my preference. So to score the looks-

GO 5

Stjärnagloss 4


26JPN 3

When dirty-

After a midweek drive in terrible conditions I was pleasantly surprised by one of these products so it deserves some extra points for this. 26JPN hydro tyre is Si02 infused claiming to repel dirt and keep the tyre looking cleaner for longer which to be honest I thought was a bit of a bold claim but to my surprise it demonstrated that perfectly here-

While the others had dried with dirt on them hydro tyre was actually still beading water and looking fresh which is a great property to have this time of year. The others where either patchy with dirt or completely covered so a massive win for 26JPN here-

26JPN 5

GO 0

Stjärnagloss 0


One week later-

After a week of driving in bad conditions and a quick wash here is how they look...

GO is still my favourite being dark and natural looking, followed by 26JPN still looking fresh and finding some water to bead, YUM also kept its dark look while Stjärnagloss did look nice and natural but it has less of a darkening effect than all of the others.

GO 5

26JPN 3


Stjärnagloss 2


All prices per 500ml bottle and I believe I would use a very similar amount of each per application so it’s a straight shoot out.

Most expensive is YUM Dress at £15.95, 26JPN hydro tyre next at £15 then at £12 is Stjärnagloss Gummi and finally the best value by some margin is GO show tyres at just £7.95!

GO 5

Stjärnagloss 3

26JPN 2


Final Score-

GO totalled 18 and wins a place in my winner’s circle this week! I just love the look it gives and it’s great value too.

26JPN scored 15 and is perfect for winter with its dirt repellent party trick but in these category’s which are subjective on my preference it didn’t quite take the win.

Stjärnagloss got 14 despite being my favourite to apply and I love how versatile it is, being a great trim dressing too it fell short in a couple of other categories.

YUM was a little disappointing with just 9 it’s not a bad dressing but didn’t offer enough to win any category while also being the most expensive.

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