Ultimate Topper Test! Garage Therapy /Two Sigma vs Infinity Wax QDX Graphene!

So for my next test I want to find out what is the best topper in my collection. Over the top of my wax or sealant I like to apply a spray every few weeks to boost gloss, hydrophobics and slickness, that needs to be quick and easy to apply too. My current favourite is Sigma but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about QDX Graphene so thought I’d better try it out!

Here’s how they stacked up:

How much?

Garage Therapy /Two Sigma costs £14.50 for 500ml while Infinity Wax Graphene is £16.99 also for 500ml and I think I would use the same of each on every application so the bottles will last the same time.

GT 1 - IW 0

How easy?

To apply both are similar with a spray on and spread with a towel or microfibre pad which is the method I prefer, wait a minute to bond and then buff off. The only difference I found was Sigma took more buffing to remove some as there was some shadowing while Graphene was a very quick wipe for a perfect finish so it takes the win.

GT 1 - IW 1

Got beads?

Onto the water behaviour now and I posted the picture of this to my story on Instagram for opinions and got mixed responses, some liked the slightly more pronounced beads from Sigma, some like the smaller beads and run off from Graphene but most couldn’t choose a winner, I also looked at sheeting and couldn’t say one was noticeably faster so they are pretty equal and I’ll give a point for both.

GT 2 - IW 2

(Sigma on the left/QDX Graphene on the right)

Slippy much?

Slickness is a property that some don’t see as an important one but I believe the slicker the paint the less likely dirt is to stick and easier it is to clean in future. I am going to do a quick test on it and you can see the results for yourself in the video 3-0 to Graphene. I am very impressed with that because I have championed Sigma for its slickness until trying this out! It also felt slicker under the towel on applying so a clear win for QDX Graphene.

GT 2 - IW 3

How’s it looking?

To judge gloss and appearance I don’t have access to any fancy gloss meters to take readings so just based on visuals and my opinion both are very reflective giving dripping wet gloss and every other superlative for shiny cars we love to use, both really are noticeably impressive. A passer by even asked what I was using as I was finishing it off I didn’t go into detail of the testing but he was complementary on the shine. I can’t separate them here so that’s another point each which makes the final score GT 3 - IW 4.

Final thoughts!

So for my individual criteria the Infinity Wax QDX Graphene is my new champion topper! I would have put my money on Sigma before using QDX as I loved the results from it as you can tell by my previous post about it-

When QDX Graphene was launched I was unsure about it and some companies will no doubt be launching things labelled Graphene just to sell numbers but this is not the case here these guys have definitely created a top product that meets my needs. You may notice I didn’t mention durability here, this is because that’s not very important for my needs, as I am using over my base sealant and will apply every few weeks it doesn’t make much difference if it lasts 1 month or 6. A new coat of anything will always be fresher looking and more hydrophobic for those first few weeks so I’ll always have that maximum performance this way.

Want more?

If you want to see some thorough testing of Infinity Wax QDX Graphene check out DaveDoesDetailing on YouTube to see him put it through it’s paces on his beautiful M4 -

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