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Description about the product The large sash brush This is a soft boars-hair bristle based brush that is commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges. It also gets used around engine bays, too. The soft bristles ensure gentle agitation on delicate surfaces. The dash brush Soft boars hair bristles gently dust out air vents, around buttons and door handles and other hard to clean areas. Soft fine bristles help agitate grime out of tight gaps where cloths can’t reach. These brushes was kindly gifted me by valet pro. I've had these brushes for around 3 months now and have been testing them on different places parts of the vehicle. This review will be my opinion and not be bias. Overall these brushes have a really sturdy handles and have a convenient loop at the tip of the handle to hang them up somewhere in your garage or your van. After leaving the large sash brush in the wheel bucket whilst cleaning the car each time they're used, I haven't yet had the plastic collar around the bristles swell or break, (I've had this with some brushes quite early on). The soft boars hair on the large sash brush and dash brush in my opinion are stiff enough to agitate stubborn dirt but not scratch.

At the moment these two brushes are my go to brushes, I've got a few of each so have different ones dedicated to different jobs. Prices ; The large sash brush is £3 The dash brush is £2.50 My opinion of the pricing The pricing of these brushes are really hard to beat in the current market, no these don't come in sets, but at those prices you could definitely mix and match. Over all these detailing brushes are amazing and I strongly recommend any hobbyist or professional detailer go and buy a set of these, please go check valet pro out!! Thanks for taking your time for reading this.

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