Veis Adder Multi use tyre and trim dressing

With its multiple dilutions for many different applications it’s a minimalists dream. I guess coming from a van based detailing background is why Veis developed it this way, so they didn’t have to carry around multiple different dressings.

I choose to mix some at 1:4 ratio to give a satin finish to my engine bay, exterior plastic and even put some on the tyres. This is priced at £14.95 for 500ml which seems a little expensive on its own but when you consider mixing work our good value for example used at 1:4 that will work out £2.99 per 500ml of the mixed solution.

I got on well with it at 1:4 but the recommended dilution ratios are-

Rubbers: Neat

Trims: 1:1

Door Cards: 1:4

Dashboard: 1:9

Im yet to try the different dilutions as I’ve been very happy with the finish as it is but if you are looking for something glossier or longer lasting you can obviously see how it varies from a natural to gloss finish by using stronger.

The engine bay is where I find these more watery dressing come into their own as you can just use a spray trigger to spray roughly per the areas you want to treat and work it in with a cloth while picking up any excess. The finish was perfect, exactly what I wanted rich and dark without being wet or sticky that would attract dirt.

On the exterior trim this era Ford has that nasty greyish plastic that looks really tired if not looked after, I used Adder all around the grills and fog lights as again a watery dressing is perfect for the intricate areas, I chose to spray it on, brushed it into all the nooks and crannies and then wiped away the excess. No problem with any extra that had run onto that paintwork either this was not an issue as it easily wiped off streak free. The finish on the plastic is perfect exactly what I am looking for, dark and natural just all round new looking.

For the tyres I used by just spraying plenty on then wiping off the excess with an old towel which has left a very rich dark finish. I have a lot of tyre products so probably won’t be using it here again but just wanted to try it and did like the results.

So I still have plenty to try with this product at different dilutions and even on the interior plastics which I haven’t yet as I also have Veis inbound which is a great interior detailer too. If you where to go out and get the best tyre dressing and the best trim restorer etc. You could probably get longer lasting results but for a multi use product that is so user friendly I’m very happy to have Adder on my shelf. I almost forgot to mention it also has a coconut scent 😋

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