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The Collection 500ml kit from Veis contains the whole range of products that they offer. They are called Prelude, Uroboros, Wash, 20:20, Myriad, Interlude and Adder. I gained this kit from an Instagram giveaway run by Sapphire Car Care and Veis also included a few extra accessories for me to try out!

Prelude Pre Wash-

An interesting product as it’s the only prewash and snow foam I have that says it can be used as both, in a spray bottle as prewash and as a snow foam in a lance. I have other citrus pre washes that can be used to add cleaning power to snow foam but not that claim to do both.

As a prewash used in spray bottle the recommended dilution ratio is 1-250 (40ml per litre). Mixed like this it foamed slightly as it was sprayed on and seemed to do a good job hanging around for a couple of minutes. My car was only a little dirty on the lower parts and this seemed to help that rinse off but I’ll have to try on a dirtier car soon to get a better gauge of its cleaning power and if a stronger dilution would be needed. Priced at £8.95 500ml or £12.95 for 1L it works out 71p or 55p per litre of mixed prewash in sprayer which is amazing value compared to the ready to use products on the market. At that price mixed I wouldn’t feel bad about doubling the dilution if needed.

As a snow foam I needed 100ml in lance to 500ml water to make the foam thick enough to hang around for a few minutes. At this dilution that works out £1.78 from a 500ml bottle (or £1.28 if you’ve bought the litter bottle) this gave enough mixed solution of snowfoam to do one car. It still run off quite quickly with hardly any left after 5 minutes but also seemed to do a very good job of cleaning. The price per wash does put it up there with the more expensive snow foams I have but this does have a unique selling point as it and makes a nice system to have a 1L bottle mixed to spray onto dirtier lower parts then some in the lance to foam over the whole car, it’s a good idea and did the job for me on this wash!

Wash Shampoo-

A pure shampoo with high concentration saying 15ml in a 20L bucket is effective, as I’m in a hard water area and like it sudsy I tend to go for 25ml of all shampoos so did the same here. It’s £9.95 for 500ml and at the dilution I will be using it that’s 49p per wash this puts it in the same ball park as Garage Therapy and Pyramid maintenance shampoos so it has high standards to meet. It produced some satisfying suds and had a nice sweet smell that wafted around during the wash. Very impressive slickness too, I was using a wool wash mitt today that doesn’t always feel as slick as the synthetic ones but it did with this shampoo. I will have to put this up against one of my other favourites in a slickness test soon as on feel alone it was very nice.

Myriad All Purpose Cleaner-

Another high concentration product that I am just used today on tyres and engine bay so went for the strongest recommended which is 1-10 dilution. Priced at £8.95 for 500ml or £11.95 for 1L even at the strongest dilution that works it great value at £1.79 or £1.19 per litre mixed. For my engine bay that was only lightly dirty this done a great job, I sprayed it on, agitated with a brush and wiped away. This dilution would also be good for dirty bits of the interior that are beyond the dedicated interior detailer. On tyres though it was hard to say if it was strong enough because there was no real foaming action to judge if it was pulling away the dirt, so I probably wouldn’t use it for that again but a pleasant APC to use on those other areas.

Uroboros Alkaline Wheel Cleaner-

Can be used neat for a heavily soiled wheel or up to 1:25 dilution for a maintenance wash. My wheels didn’t look very dirty but the brake dust that is on them has been there around a month so will be fairly baked on. I choose a 1:5 dilution to tackle this. Priced at £8.85 for 500ml or £12.95 for 1L if I carry on using at this dilution it works out £1.79 or £1.29 per Litre of mixed solution. This did a great job at 1:5 so I could probably dilute further, after spraying, giving a quick scrub and rinsing off it left behind a squeaky clean wheel. Being an alkaline product is nothing to be scared of and it has really good cleaning power but if I was to use weekly I would definitely water down as much as possible and be extra thorough rinsing off to avoid any chance of corrosion. Also it’s not foamy at all so worth putting a splash of the shampoo into a bucket with the wheel brushes to add some lubrication to them. I will probably save this for really dirty wheels knowing that it will cut through the toughest of baked on dirt.

Adder Dressing-

Another dilutable product I choose 1-4 ratio for this one to give a satin finish to my engine bay, exterior plastic and even put some on the tyres. This is priced at £14.95 for 500ml it sounds expensive but when diluted down you'd do well to beat it in price. Used at 1-4 that will work out £5.98 per 1L of mixed solution. It’s done a nice job on the areas I’ve tried so far and looking forward to trying this out at different dilutions and seeing how it varies from a natural to gloss finish. For the tyres I used like I would Autoglyms instant tyre dressing by just spraying plenty on then wiping off the excess with an old towel which has left a very rich dark finish.

Interlude Spray Wax-

Ready to use in an easy spray on and buff off, Interlude doesn’t offer any durability claims or ‘hybrid’ ‘ceramic’ buzz words. It just claims to leave a high gloss finish which you dont see often these days as there is a minefield of gloss enhancing detail sprays, waxes and sealants available which make all sorts of claims. £11.95 for 500ml does make it a similar price to some detail sprays. I tend to finish most washes with a quick spritz of something to top up protection and leave a extra glossy finish so that is how I used this. I sprayed directly onto the panel and spread with a short pile towel then buffed off with the deeper pile cloth provided. No issues with streaking and it felt nice and slick too, also filled the air with a sweet shop kind of scent that reminded me of YUM Ceramic which is over double the price but very similar in scent, colour and even the feel to use. I might have to put them 50:50 on a panel and see how the compare side by side!

20:20 Glass Cleaner-

A strong alcohol glass cleaner designed to cut through any stubborn stains on glass. It really does the job, as soon as you spray you can smell it’s a strong one and it flashes off streak free on a quick wipe. I’d actually go far enough to say this seems so strong it could probably be used as a panel wipe. £7.95 for 500ml or £11.95 for 1L.

Redux Leather Cleaner-

I put this to use on my steering wheel and leather parts of the seats and found it easily stripped that shiny greasy finish that had built up. As it’s just described as a cleaner I added a leather balm after to leave these areas conditioned and supple. £9.95 for 500ml this does seem like a very good leather cleaner but I would condition after just to ensure I don’t leave those areas too bare.

Inbound Interior Detailer-

Light cleaning ability and designed to leave a OEM anti static finish and fingerprint free screens. £9.95 for 500ml this was very nice to use did the job as described also left the car smelling like a sweet shop which was a treat.


Plush Buffing Towel 1000gsm feels very good quality it’s a nice size and just £2.95. I used to remove and buff Interlude spray wax and it done a great job, I’m sure I have some plush towels that cost 2 or 3 times this and are no better.

Magic Sponge for 95p each I actually used this around the house to remove stains from walls and skirting and it done a good job. I can see it would be handy on car interior to remove stains also as a light abrasive, these seem to be a fairly generic product but if ordering anything else from Veis then I’d add a couple on as they are handy.

Foam Applicator just £1.49 each, I didn’t use this one today but it could be used in conjunction with Adder trim dressing. It is a nice thick sponge and not like the cheaper ones that easily go flat, it would also be good for applying wax.

Detailing Brushes, these are yet to be released so I don’t know the price or much information but they are a great addition to my collection as I have some decent soft brushes for interior and only some cheap ones for exterior which these feel much better quality than. Nice and firm but not scratchy they are ideal to get around badges, grills and window rubbers. Even deeper cleaning interior area or intricate areas of wheels. I did get a few bristles malting when using on the engine bay so I’ll keep an eye on that to see if it continues or if it was just a few loose ones as it was new.

In conclusion-

The collection 500ml kit gives you everything you need to look after your cars and with the dilution ratios will also last a long time. All the products did the job and I really enjoyed using them, the stand outs for me were the shampoo, spray wax and interior detailer that exceed my expectations and I’d put on par with some high end products in terms of experience. To get all of these products for the bundle price of £59.95 is also great value as they would be over £90 if purchased individually! The accessories available are also good quality and at competitive prices.

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