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Previously mentioned in my Veis range overview This is a high concentration pure shampoo which felt nice on my first try so I’ve put it up against another shampoo that many people are familiar and it done very well so I’ve rewarded it with a write up of its own.

The Test-

I previously decided that slickness was the main component to a great maintenance shampoo, as my prewash would have done most of the heavy lifting in terms of cleaning I’m mostly looking for maximum lubricity to make the contact wash as safe as possible. The most simple way I can show this is to put two identical wash mitts on the bonnet loaded with solution and slowly lift it to see which slides first. To keep it a fair comparison and close on cost per wash I always use 25ml capful in each bucket. I’ve chosen to put it up against EZ Cherry Bomb as they are the a similar price and I have not used it in my testing yet. Here’s the action-

As you can see Veis produced more suds and wiped the floor on slickness, the EZ suffers from dilution and really needs 2 or 3 times the amount added to a bucket to perform like similar priced competitors which makes it 2 or 3 times as expensive per wash!

Round up-

Veis Wash is definitely high concentration saying 15ml in a 20L bucket is effective I’d believe that claim, but as I’m in a hard water area and like it sudsy I tend to go for 25ml of all shampoos so did the same here. But that probably could be diluted a little more which I have only previously found with Garage Therapy /ONE car shampoo and Pyramid ultra shampoo. It’s in the same ball park as those on price too at £9.95 for 500ml. At the dilution I will be using it that’s 49p per wash. It produced some satisfying suds and had a nice sweet smell that wafted around during the wash.

Being aware of over evaluating a car shampoo the basic conclusion is this one is very good, does exactly what I want and is pleasant to use so will be joining my favourite few on the top shelf.

If you’d like to know more about the Veis range I have tried most of it and posted and overview here:

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