Waterproof and warm gloves? No chance... or was there ?

Following a long period of below zero temperatures, a barmy 3 degrees forced me outside to review my new Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Gauntlets. These ones were £45 from IODETAIL. I had decided to go for the gauntlet version to try to stop that horrid wet cuff feeling and blow me, they actually work. As I said, it was 3 degree today and I wore these from

start to finish. If you want to know if these worked and stop reading now: are they waterproof ? - yes! are they warm? - yes! It is as simple as that.

I went for the XL, which was a slight error as the gauntlet section made them slightly crease on the palms. I would say I have slightly smaller than average hands, so the large would have been the better fit.

The gloves have a silicone printed palm

and fingers which helps greatly as well as being touchscreen friendly with a thumb and forefinger covered with material that allows you to use your phone without taking your glove off. This morning it worked like a dream.

Throughout the 4 hours they were worn, they kept my hands warm and dry, this included being fully submerged in the wash buckets. Yes you might feel a minimal change in temperature when fully wet, but cold and wet hands? Not a drop. The long gauntlet also meant no wet cuffs at any point through this morning.

Negatives- the only down side to the gloves is, I think, a personal preference. Due to the Sealskinz material, they are quite thick, which I felt meant I lost that ‘feel’ I like during different processes- a slight disengagement with the body work if you like. Would I lose this for dry and warm hands? Every single time.

These are a must for any professional or hobbyist, a warm handed detailer, is a happy detailer.

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