Who Is It? Only UBV... Let's Check Out The Subscription Service

I paid £29.99 for the subscription to review. UBV did not ask me to review the service and he has not read this before I have posted the review.

If you've been living under the rock recently, you've probably not heard of UBV. UBV has one of the highest followers on Instagram for a detailer, a reputation for saying how it is and distrupting the industry - in his words "I don't give a f**k!" (In a Scouce accent).

When I first started my passion into detailing, the first professional profile I saw was UBV. I've been following him for just up to a year, bought 3 of his guides and when he annouced that he was launching a subscription service, I'd admit, I was a bit hesitant. We have millions of videos on YouTube, so what will make this different?


What does Liam say about the online subscription service:

What does UBV give you for the £29.99 monthly cost

  • Simple Safe washing technique

  • Extensive decontamination methods

  • Rotary Polishing Tutorials

  • Learn all aspects of Machine Polishing

  • Master Ceramic Coating

  • Understand all stages of paint sanding

  • Motivational videos

  • Exclusive multi-industry interviews

  • Extensive product reviews

  • Never been seen before cars

  • Mobile valeting van builds

  • Exclusive discount codes

  • Car show behind the scenes

There is also a UBV SOS feature 🆘 which is a money can’t buy feature. If you are ever stuck on a job UBV SOS allows you to message UBV directly and within 10 minutes you will have the main man guiding you through.

Check out the main subscroption page here

The Videos

From the videos I have watched, I have been impressed. Yes they are not Hollywood blockbuster style and on the Auto Finesse interview video you cannot really hear the conversation, but they are cut the bulls**t and this is how you do it videos. They are informative and Liam or Ben, talk to you as they detail the car. It's great hearing a professional tell you their years of experience and why they do it that way.

I've got a couple of favourite videos.

The first video I like was just shy of 50 MINUTES of Liam going through machine polishing, what machine does what and the correct and safest way to use them. Its a long video but he goes through Rotary's, DA and brands. An excellent video which I found extremely helpful and you then see Groovy Detailing taking his turn and showing Liam what he's learned. A great start to machine polishing.

Wanna know what's in UBV's van's - now you're gonna find out. He goes through what he has in his setup and why he uses it and what is in Ben's van. He explains the uses he has for these products and the brands that he uses. Yes, hes heavily involved with Auto Finesse, but it's not all AF products.

In this video you see Liam clean is old SVR. He goes through the stages he does for a maintenance wash, what products he uses and how to detali the car safely.

This badboy, UBV explains how to decon the car from fallout remover, tar and glue remove and clay barring. I found this extremely helpful as he explains why and what steps to take without damaging or marring the paint.

At the time of this review there are 20 videos are the well know Business Bible for you to download for FREE!


UBV is on to a winner here and the website is brilliant. Giving him £29.99 a month you get access to his videos, business bible and the fabulous SOS feature which I think might be going for new subs soon (I'm not 100% sure on this yet).

For me, this is aimed at anyone who is interested in detailing or the professional detailer looking to invest into his business, gain more knowledge, speed up clean times and see what products a top detailer uses and why.

The site is easy to navitage and works well on PC and on mobile, so you can watch easy at anytime.

Yes, Liam has a potty mouth lol, if you're offended by the language or watching around kids, get through it as it'll be worth it!

Give it a try and see what you think.

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