Will Farecla G3 Formula Pro, Help You Out With a Scratch?

Farecla Tagline:

  • Removes light scratches or diminishes the look of deeper defects permanently

  • Easy to control paste – ideal for small areas

  • Highly Commended Product – Auto Express Colour Restorer 2018

  • Contains Engineered Abrasive Technology

G3 Pro Scratch Remover Paste is a permanent solution for removing minor scratches that do not stop your fingernail when run over the surface of your vehicle. The appearance of deeper scratches will be diminished.

G3 Pro Scratch Remover Paste is thick and easy to control, making it ideal for small areas.



I bought the large version of this bottle as many family and friends have borrowed it. It's a very unique shape bottle and strangely fits well in your hand when squeezing the bottle to get the product out


There were tiny little scratches all over my car, and it always drove me mad. I was wondering if there was amything on the market, user friendly and wouldn't break the bank. I googled around and saw Farecla Professional Scratch Remover. Reviews were good so I gave it a try.

Firstly on the wheel arch, where there was little scratches in a row. I bought the application pads from Farecla. I applied a pea size amound and rubbed it into the panel. Back and forth and then up and down.

After a minutes, it looked like the product had disappeared and I thought "Oh, it's gone". So I got a buffer towel out and rubbed it on the panel.

BOOM! The scratches had gone. Brilliant stuff


Remove this stuff was a piece of p***.

I rubbed the product in and after a while, it looked like it done it's work. Buffed off really easy and all the product had gone and worked into the scratch well.


Very easy and simple to use. Following the guidelines on the bottle or the website

  • Ensure surface is spotlessly clean, dry and cool

  • Dampen a G3 Pro White Applicator Waffle Pad

  • Apply a small amount to the applicator

  • Apply even pressure in a straight back and forth motion starting left to right and then up and down

  • Stop once the scratch is removed or if the paint begins to fade. If dulling appears, simply use G3 Pro Paint Renovator or G3 Pro Colour Restorer with a clean G3 Pro White Applicator Waffle Pad. This is most likely on darker paints (didn't happen to me)

  • Remove residue with a soft, clean, dry cloth


If you're looking for a product with good filling ability for a reasonable price, this is it. Works well if the scratch marks are minor.

Price - £8.85 Amazon For 500ml (14/01/2021)



I cannot highly recommend this enough for those who are looking to fill in some minor scratches.

It's so easy to use and the results are great.

Using Engineered Abrasive Technology particles, G3 Pro Scratch Remover Liquid permanently removes minor scratch marks that do not stop your fingernail when run over the surface.

I applied this is April and the marks are still not visible after numerous washes. I sold the car in August and the minor scratches were still not visible.

Get It: If you need to fill slight scratches, this will work! V.Highly Recommended, you won't be disappointed.
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