Yum Cars Towel Trio

Comprising of the Drying, Plush and Utility towels the Yum Cars Towel Trio is a great bundle to get if you’re looking to test these products out.

Crisp white and presented in their own resealable pouches, there is no doubt you’re dealing with a premium product here. Purchased together they will set you back £29.95 making these very much a luxury item. Even if they are ahead of the competition I can’t see any valeters paying this sort of money for towels, but for us enthusiasts are they worth the price?

The Drying towel is a very large thin waffle cloth that you lay on the panel and drag across to leave behind a dry and streak free finish. I started on the bonnet and this towel lived up to its promise, leaving behind a perfect finish, but unfortunately just this one large panel had the towel completely saturated. Moving on to the next panel with the same towel then left water marks so I had to wring it out. It’s been a few years since I’ve needed to think about this, now opting for big fluffy towels that dry a car with no wringing required. It’s a shame because the drying towel was doing a good job when it wasn’t saturated, but I did get bored half way through drying the with all the stopping and starting so I just grabbed an old Meguiars supreme drying towel to finish it off. Now, in the interest of fairness they do recommend spraying Yum detailer as a drying aid to help disperse water, but I didn’t want to add any further protection as I was planning on using a different topper once the car was dry. I would expect a £17.95 drying towel to dry a whole a car with ease but in future I think I’ll go over the car very quick with my old drying towel to remove most of the water and then finish off with this Yum drying towel as it did give a great streak free when not saturated.

The Plush buffing towel is super soft and nice and thick. It’s certainly not the densest of towels but it’s so soft almost silky to touch. Other thick plush towels I have are good but I feel that you sometimes need to have a shorter pile one on hand too because thick towels aren’t often the best at removing product, somehow though the Yum doesn’t suffer from this. It removed product and buffs away to a perfect finish no bother what so ever. To purchase the plush buffing towel is £7.95, which puts it in line with other top brands with similar towels and I have no doubt this is up there in terms of performance so if you want the best buffer this could be it.

The utility towel is a short pile edgeless microfibre and is an absolute joy on glass. I used one side to spread the cleaner then flipped to buff, the finish was perfect with minimal effort. This towel is also great for interior cleaning or pretty much any job to be honest. At £6.95 each I’m glad I have one and will make very good use of it! If money was no option I would love to have a heap of these, but I can’t say they are £5 better than the SGCB ones that also come in well presented resealable pouches, are only £1.99 and are often available in bundles making them even cheaper.

So in summary, I love the streak free finish the drying towel gives but how quickly it becomes saturated is really disappointing, the plush and utility towels are class leading but you may find cheaper options that aren’t too far behind.

The big question then is- is this towel trio worth the price? Well, probably not but I am still glad to have them. They are great quality and look superb so I can see the appeal if you are feeling spendy and want a capable, neat, colour coded, super clean collection, but honestly you can find cheaper alternatives that also do a decent job.

If you want to think deeper about the use of towels on your car then here’s a great article to make you question the finer details of you techniques from AutoCareHQ

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