YUM Ceramic and YUM Detailer

As my last couple of posts these two featured in some testing I have done recently and in those head to head comparisons I found all the products involved had their own benefits and thought they deserved a post of their own.

You can check out part 1 and two of my testing via these links-

Introduction Today is the turn of YUM ceramic and YUM detailer. Ceramic is a spray sealant claiming to be the ultimate slick layer of SI02 paint protection that can give up to 6months protection. Detailer is described as a super slick high gloss spray that gives any finish a just waxed look and ‘110% guaranteed to blow your mind’ I don’t think that claim from the website would hold up to advertising standards but I admire their confidence.


They have simple bold branding you would recognise a mile off. The bottles are mostly clear and liquids inside have vivid colours so another brand that looks great lined up on the shelf, the ceramic is pale blue which which is a colour a few companies associate with ceramic products. While the detailer is milky white, the bottles contain plenty of information and instructions. The liquid inside both has a very yummy sweatshop scent which is nice as they also send out sweats with your order!


Both of these products won the testing for ease of application! YUM Ceramic is simply sprayed, spread and buffed and this was so quick and easy. As soon as you start to buff the paint feels so satisfyingly slick. For beginners or those in a hurry to lay down some protection this is absolutely perfect. Similar story with the detailer, no streaking, no excessive buffing and no worries at all. As impressive as this was I wouldn’t say my mind was completely 110% blown so I a will be looking to claim a money back from the guarantee! Just kidding they have nailed the usability and give great initial slickness and glossy results from both of these products.

Water Behaviour

Yum ceramic produced small but irregular beads and sheeted the panel quite well too. After applying the detailer these characteristics remained the same which is perfect to finish maintenance washes with a quick wipe down and keep the water behaviour intact from the sealant.

You can see a video of this water action on my Instagram post here:


YUM ceramic is £24.95 for 500ml or £13.50 for 250ml. From my 250ml bottle based on the car and a half I have used I think I would get 4 uses from this so 8 from a large bottle making that £3.12 per application and with the claimed 6 months durability £6.24 to protect one car for a year. This is fairly expensive and I have heard reports of people not achieving that claimed durability so will keep a close eye on that in the coming weeks. Although quite pricey If the durability is nearer what is claimed then I will be very impressed with how easily that length of protection can be achieved.

YUM detailer is £12.95 for 500ml which is quite expensive for a detailing spray that offers no protection but it is still very enjoyable to use and even a beginner would achieve decent results without streaking or any issues I’m sure.


So what would I recommend these products?

In short yes, but only to a beginner who is worried about applying protection products or has bad experiences with streaking, these are just so easy to use anyone could spray them on and buff them off to get a great finish.

For more experienced weekend warriors or pro detailers I think they will be willing to put in slightly more effort and save around £10 on ceramic like products and a couple pounds on detailing sprays to achieve similar results. If the rumours about durability being much less than claimed are true then that also raises issues for pros who have passed those claims onto clients selling a 6 month protection package then left disappointed but I’ll have to wait and see for myself how that plays out.

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