YUM Foam vs JUGÅ Snøfall Envigora The Snowfoam Cup Quarter Final Three 2020-2021

Welcome to the third matchup in the snow foam cup, last week 26JPN made it through to go up against Solution61 in the first semi final and in the next couple of weeks I will continue to pitch two different snow foams against each other in a knockout style to find out who will be in the second semi final. The eventual winner will then enter the elite group of products in my winner’s circle from all of my testing to be the benchmark against any future purchases.

I have a selection of 8 snow foams available at the moment, In this whole tournament I will apply one to half a car rinse the lance out then apply the second to the other half while keeping a close eye on performance.

This week it’s the simply named YUM Foam vs the more of a mouthful JUGÅ Snøfall envigora which is available from Madcow.


I have calculated cost based on price per 500ml of solution mixed in the lance at recommended dilution. I’ve chosen 500ml as half a lance full is usually more than enough to do a large car and a simple amount to dilute.

Yum was the most expensive of these two-

Purchase price £9.95 for 500ml bottle

Dilution ratio 1:9

99p per use!

JUGÅ Snøfall Envigora is better value but also be aware you could save much more if you find it in one of the bundle deals they often do, for example you could get it a 5L of it in the ‘pear drop boks’ also with a shampoo spray wax and paste wax for just £29.99. Even on its own it is very often available at a sale price too so I am using the current sale price here but putting full list price in brackets-

Purchase price £7.95 for 1000ml (£19.95 full price)

Dilution ratio 1:9

40p per use! (99p full price)

1-0 to JUGÅ Snøfall Envigora from this category.

Dwell time

So there are conflicting views on if a foam should stick or run off. Personally I prefer it to stick and hang around as long as possible to soften any dirt below which will then come off when rinsed. While some prefer it to slowly run off dragging dirt with it. Long dwelling foam is also great to layer over fallout remover on wheels or citrus pre wash products on the body work allowing them to work away for much longer so with that being my preference I’ll be scoring the longest dwelling as a winner of this category. I gave them both 5 minutes dwelling time and as you can see below the YUM Foam hung around slightly more. But there wasn’t much in it and I would usually up the concentration of the Jugå to make it thicker but for testing I am using as recommended So 1-1!

Cleaning power

I have no scientific way of quantifying this but I’ll take a swipe before and after using the snow foams with a cotton wool pad to compare how much grime they have shifted, I will do this in a similar position on each side of car and swipe the same length and pressure as identically as I can for a visual guide, also add my own opinion into the mix but there is so many variables this is no exact science. With the YUM Foam I’m struggling to see any improvement on the swipe test while Jugå despite being very thin at this dilution did surprise me and make a more noticeable improvement which seems to be a trend with thinner foams actually cleaning better at the moment. That makes it 2-1 to Jugå.

Joy to use

This section considers how easy they rinse off, how satisfying the foam looks and any smells or other distinctive features that make them more pleasant to use.

I’ve got to say the YUM produced a thicker foam and has a nice pop cap but the Jugå does smell nice standard and is also available in special edition smells as mentioned above in the pear dropped box it has that pear drop scent and I have also had some chocomel edition before that smells good enough to drink so that’s a bit of fun. Both have their good points in this category so I’m going to have to give them 1 each making the final score 3-2 to Jugå


JUGÅ Snøfall envigora then a deserved winner being cheaper and having better cleaning power. As mentioned above if you do want to try this look out for the deals, if purchased as part of a bundle for £29.99 and you allow £15 of that for the other products (shampoo, spray wax and paste wax in the pear dropped boks) you are getting 5L for £15 making it more like 15p per wash which is why I don’t mind upping the concentration usually to make the foam thicker and cleaning power more impressive.

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